Are you tired of starving and killing yourself with cardio?
We help busy women, struggling with weight, transform their lives with a simple, effective online fitness and nutrition strategy to regain their health and energy - and lose fat!


Look good, be healthy, there's hope!

FASTer Way to Fat Loss®
Certified Coach, Angie Waldauer

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FASTer Way to Fat Loss®
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New to Digital Fitness and Nutrition?  
Here's what you get:

  • 6-week experience

  • Strategic food cycle

  • Full 30-minute digital workouts 
    (home, gym, low impact versions)

  • Full meal plan paired with the appropriate workout

  • Cutting edge fitness and nutrition strategies

  • Access to experts  (Registered dietician, Naturopathic doctor and others)

  • - ME!  A coach to help keep you accountable!

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Hi, I’m Angie! I’ve been married for 25 years to my best friend and we have 3 amazing sons and 3 grandchildren! I’m the COO at National Christian Foundation Tampa Bay where I'm a generosity evangelist. I tried several of the big diets and would lose weight, but always gain it back while feeling hungry, tired, and eventually frustrated! That’s when a friend introduced me to the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®! In my heart I knew the strategies and common sense message of "eat right and exercise" was the only thing that would work permanently. So I took a chance and it worked! If you are feeling like you’ve tried it all, are tired of the fad diets, and want to embrace a sustainable sensible approach (that includes carbs!), then I'm ready to help coach you through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®!

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Disclaimer:  Please consult your personal physician before beginning any exercise or nutrition program.

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